"Respect, equality, multiculturalism and togetherness, fuelled by creativity and passion – these are the values I and my art stand for"


Artist Statement

My works are characterized by emotionality and originality, my style and technique are organic and natural. I preferably paint on perforated aluminium plate, using a filler that fractures over time, creating rather spatial and lively looking compositions. I concern a lot about the transitory things in life – materialism in general but more importantly the immaterial like moments, emotions and feelings.

From blank to covered, empty to full, clean to dirty, fresh to rotten, new to broken to repaired, happy to sad, relaxed to angry, love to hate, young to old – life is defined by transitions, hence everything in life is transitory. If these transitions are perceived as positive or negative depends on the perspective of the observer – Relativity.

However, I believe that despite all relativity and transitory character of life, it is vital to focus on the here and now, never losing certain values out of sight. This is what my art aims to express.

My recent works, mainly female appearances, emphasize the importance of equality and the beauty of multiculturalism. Recent national and global events have shown a serious lack of pro-multicultural behaviour. I believe that art as a traditional medium, especially in the modern media jungle, is a gateway to symbolize important values. Respect, equality, multiculturalism and togetherness, fuelled by creativity and passion – these are the values I and my art stand for.


Born 1967 in Hamburg, Germany, Katja Nordmeyer still lives and works in her hometown. Becoming a mother in her early twenties already, she first gave up on her career and dedicated most of her life to the love for her three sons. However, roughly 20 years and two divorces later her need for both personal and creative self-fulfilment was as present as never before. Henceforth, she followed her dream of making a living by creatively transforming her feelings and emotions on canvas.

She was taken as an apprentice of nationally well-known and recognized artist Lothar Schulz-Goldap (1924-2008), himself a student of Prof. Fritz Mackensen (1866-1953), who co-founded the Worpsweder Artist Society and was the director of the University of Art in Bremen.

Being a single mother as well as having to deal with the complexities of the art business, and the art of business, she faced many obstacles and challenges while she evolved as an artist. Thoughts about giving up have been reoccurring throughout the years. Nevertheless, she continued and managed to establish herself, earning local recognition. Recently, she broke through national barriers and is now also represented outside Germany.

Exhibitions & Galleries

2020 - Discovery Artfair Virtual

2020 - Anna's Art Affair - Helgoland

2020 - Popkiss Artland & Social - Schleswig

2020 - Azaro Art Space - Hamburg

2019 - Pop Street - Hamburg

2019 - Art Sylt

2019 - Pop Kiss Art Exhibition

2018 - ars mundi - online Gallery

2018 - Gallery Port 1 - Opening

2018 - Group Exhibition ARTBOX/Projects New York 1.0

2018 - Group Exhibition Gallery Ewa Helena

2018 - Gallery HMH Mallorca - Port d'Andratx

2018 - Group Exhibition - Factory of the Arts

2017 - Summer of Art & Hannover Art Show

2015 - Gallery Deichstraße

2013 - Gallery KuRa

2012 - Hamburg Boat Museum "Rickmer Rickmers"

2011 - Art Wave - Kappich & Piel

2010 - Baltic Sea Gallery Hamburg

2009 - Fiscal Ministry Hamburg - "Kunst im Gange"

2008 - Stilwerk Hamburg